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Our chickens are fed certified Non-GMO feed, and raised on pasture.  They are kept in pens called tractors for their own protection from predators.  We move them daily onto clean fresh grass.  The grass provides excellent additional nutrition that imparts incredible flavor that you can Taste and see.  Compare our chicken with one conventionally raised and you can see the difference.  The fat on our chickens is a deep dark yellow color, as opposed to an off-white color.  Eating grass is a beneficial source of carotenes and is the source of this deep yellow color.

Fresh Chicken is available from May to October, as we raise our chickens outdoors seasonally.

Frozen chicken available until sold out.


Whole Chicken


Buy 10 or more birds and the price drops to $4.50/lb!


Whole Chickens range from

3 - 5 Lbs.

We also sell by the piece. 

Checkout our store for details and pricing.

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We also raise turkeys on Pasture.  These turkeys are fed Certified Non-GMO feed and graze on fresh grass as they please.  This produces the most flavorful turkey that you can imagine.  Ask one of our happy customers about their experience, and they will all say the same thing, you can’t find a better turkey!


We offer whole turkeys, turkey breast, pieces, and ground turkey.


Of course we offer Turkeys for thanksgiving and Christmas!  They are available starting one week before Thanksgiving.  Reservations for holiday turkeys start in July.   Order Early to avoid missing out! 

(20 dollar deposit required)

Turkey is $5.15/Lb.  Birds can range from 12 to 22 Lbs.  

Fresh Eggs

We offer fresh eggs from our happy hens

Come on by and pick up a dozen or more!  Eggs are available in limited quantity, so please check availability in our online store prior to coming to the farm.

$6 a dozen

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